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Blue Diamond Mandheling

Blue Diamond Mandheling

Minimum Purchase: 200g


    Selected Sapphire Mandheling Blue Diamond Mandheling

    TP three hand selection levels
    ■ Country: Indonesia
    ■ Producing area: Lin Dong
    ■ Altitude: meters
    ■ Level: G1-TP three hand-picked selections
    ■ Treatment method: Semi-water washing and wet stripping method (Wet-Hulled)
    ■ Variety: Arabica

    Lintong province of North Sumatra (North Sumatra) Manitoba Lakes (Lake Toba / Danau Toba)

    For Sumatra pass conventional Medellin areas. Lake Toba is located at 2.5 degrees north latitude , with an area of ​​approximately 1,130 square meters

    It is the largest volcanic lake in the world with a depth of 505 meters .

    Lake Toba charming scenery, but also the Batak clan major distribution areas, and by a number of tribes composed of Batak

    The people grow coffee more in accordance with the natural environmental conditions of the place, and they use unique processing methods to make coffee

    Beans such as sapphire color saturation United States and Korea. Today’s Batak is the main force in the production of Arabica coffee in Indonesia


    This area consists of coffee Minder Ning family (Mandailing) and ethnic Batak (Batak) planted, mostly

    Traditional mining shade, without applying the organic cultivation of formula pesticides. The local climate is humid, and the shelled beans are preliminary

    Washed with water, wet pods after 10-12 hours of hair fermentation, and then to manually pectin, washed with water floats equal to the cylinder

    After one or two days of exposure, although the moisture content of the raw beans is still 30% ~50% , the seed husk is removed first, and then

    Continue to dry to shorten the drying time of the green beans. The drying time of about 2 days can make the coffee

    The moisture content of raw beans is reduced to 12~13%. Indonesia's unique semi-washed processing method is called Giling by locals.

    Basah , also known as wet-hulled (wet-hulled) .

    Local coffee farmers attach importance to the quality of the coffee they produce, so they are selecting coffee fruits and processing

    Are very hard, so blue gem in Medellin with bright and smooth balanced taste, unique fruit,

    The flavor of dried fruit is different from ordinary mandheling.


    Flavor Description: dried fruit, dried longan, brown sugar, cream, Body meticulous thick


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