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Ethiopia Sidamo Bura - World Champion Berg Wu Selection Series

Ethiopia Sidamo Bura - World Champion Berg Wu Selection Series

Ethiopia Sidamo Bura - World Champion Berg Wu Selection Series roasted coffee bean for $18 per 200g bag. One of the best Sidamo beans around.


This is the first time Berg has selected a batch in the Sidamo area as a special batch. The Berg series is always an assurance of flavour. These are the current seasonal batches used in Simple Kaffa that you don't want to miss out on.


Strong grape, bergamot, white peach and dry berry aromas all feature prominently in Berg's unique selection of S21/01 flavor. In the mouth, the flavors of blueberries, grapes, peach, and citrus mingle with strawberry, mango, bergamot and intriguing rose flavors. This flavour is rich and full. The layerings are rich and ever changing.


    1. The  Baghi family is a 90+ partner , and the  current operator has also served as the chairman of the African  Specialty Coffee Association .

    2.  It used to be a batch of green beans ordered by the world champion Wang Ce.

    A series of amazing beans launched by Baghi when it cooperated with 90+ is still unforgettable, such as wild ginger flower, truth, hakira, etc., all from the hands of the Baghi family, and Successfully improved the cleanliness of beans, such high-level beans, you must not miss it!

    Roasting Degree|Light Roast
    Producing area|Aroresa , Sidama, Ethiopia
    Altitude|1,900-2,200 meters
    Variety|Ethiopian ancient excellent variety  (Heirloom)
    Treatment method|Water washing treatment

    Flavor | Peach fragrance, rose,  sweet wine,  cranberry acidity,  mangosteen sweetness  , pandan end rhyme, and  juice. 


    [Introduction to the production area]

    For several generations, Bage Xi (Bagersh) family in Ethiopia (Ethiopia) business local coffee business, family members have not only the number of seats treatment plants, "SA Bagersh PLC" is famous Ethiopian coffee exports providers, incumbent operators Abdullah Bagersh also served as Africa Specialty coffee Association (AFCA ;  African fine coffee Association or , Taste of Harvest organizer ) Chairman.

    (Chairman) , his family not only succeeded in improving the shortcomings of low coffee cleanliness under Ethiopia’s traditional sun exposure method, but also the market’s highly appraised water washing treatment method series. Bagersh / Idido Misty Valley was once can be said to guarantee Ethiopia's top coffee beans, followed by more and Ninety Plus partner, have launched a unique flavor and stunning Aricha , Beloya , Hachira , Kemgin , Nekisse , ... ... and so on special order Bean, not only became famous in World War I and continued to cause a sensation in the specialty coffee circle, it also helped Ninety Plus to establish its position as a top brand in the international specialty coffee market; although with strategic adjustments, Ninety Plus has faded out of the Ethiopian market in recent years. But the high-quality raw beans handled by Bagersh Family are more elegant and not lonely.

     【Roasting Ideas】

     This coffee has a good aroma and sweetness, but at the same time it has to show a detailed flavor level, the firepower is slightly adjusted throughout the process, and a multi-level roasting method is adopted. It is divided into four stages to lower the fire, to show its special flavor. After the first burst, only maintain the basic heating, let the temperature of the beans continue to crawl, and the beans will be dropped when the special sweet fragrance is smelled. Special rose and cranberry notes can be obtained.


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100 Grams
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Ethiopia Sidamo
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