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Peru Santa Claus Geisha

Peru Santa Claus Geisha

Minimum purchase : 200g


    Santa Claus Geisha from Peru, Santa Claus Geisha Red Honey is processed with Red Honey. This is a super perfect geisha coffee. Its appearance and flavor far exceed your imagination of geisha. The best product that came out after many calls was launched last year. After its launch last year, the inquiries were extremely high, but the shipping schedule was delayed, and it has only been late. It is not easy for these Peruvian boutiques that were pre-purchased more than half a year ago to be imported. With its cupping and meticulousness, it is really enough to beat a geisha with a vulgar fan. The new season is a long-lost taste. Before the New Year, please be sure to seize the opportunity to snap up the purchase. 


    Number of defective beans: Grade1, <5 
    Best Coffee of PERU, 
    GOLD Medal-EN PARIS 2004, 
    SILVER Medal-EN PARIS 2005, 
    Medal for constant quality-PARIS 2009, 
    Medal for best Coffee- NEW ZEALAND 2011 2012 
    finest roasted coffee in the world with a silve medal in Paris-France-June 2015 
    Gold Medal-2015 IN NEW ZEALAND 
    Gold Medal-finest roasted coffee-EXPOCAFE 2015-PERU Coffees 


    Country Peru (Peru) 
    Producing area Chancham, Hu Junin, Ning District, Pure, 1,600 meters above sea level, variety Geisha (Geisha, known as Geysha in Peru) Annual rainfall is about 1,200mm. Red honey treatment. Harvest:Jun-Sep Tasting Score:90.62 points Defects:Grade1,<5 Moisture : 10-11%


    Speaking of several countries that must make a pilgrimage in this life, you will definitely not miss Peru! In addition to seeing the ruins of the "Inca Civilization", there are also Machu Picchu, known as the "City of the Sky", and the "Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca", which is as beautiful as a paradise, and has been overturned by God. "Palette" is a good name. Peru's "Maras Salt Field" is even more unique, like a mosaic from the god of the earth, and it is a must-have pilgrimage in this life! The natural landscape of Peru has so many supernatural features that people have to be in awe and admiration! Exploring the blue tears of the Peruvian coffee world: The specialty coffee cup test will mention Peruvian coffee, which may not be familiar to many people, but coffee began to appear in Peru in the middle of the 17th century, but it was not used for commercial export until the 20th century. Most of the coffee grown was used as the government's repayment of UK loans. Today, Peru is one of the main producers of Arabica coffee and ranks fifth in the production and export of Arabica coffee in the world. And organic coffee is also ranked first in the world. As a coffee producing area, Peru has all the necessary conditions to produce world-class coffee. Regardless of geography or climate, Peruvian coffee is grown at an average altitude of 1700 meters and above; Typica, Bourbon and caturra are prominent, and Geisha is more prominent. It is amazing. However, because Peru is still relatively unfamiliar with the professionalism of coffee, there are still some challenges in controlling the quality of this problem. Peru’s coffee culture is not as strong as other major producing countries. In addition, the distance between the farm and the delivery point of the processing plant is very long, so farmers tend to wait until the harvest is full before transporting the coffee to the town, which is also the reason for the negative impact on the quality of most coffee. The infrastructure of the farm also needs attention. Most farmers dry their coffee on a tarp spread on the ground. With the Peruvian government’s incentives for agricultural products, we hope that these challenges will disappear soon. Although these challenges require very clear and direct solutions, this has not stopped Peru from producing some very impressive coffee year after year-for example, after Peru joined COE, it won the COE Cup of Excellence award for two consecutive years. The championship is an absolute affirmation of the quality and flavor of Peruvian coffee. The quality and flavor of Peruvian coffee have also been greatly improved and improved in recent years, which has surprised all walks of life. Many coffee industry players have also received many international awards. Santa Claus Santa Claus is named because the owner's love and dedication to local children makes them feel like Santa Claus is coming! Hence this lovely title. In addition to taking care of young children, Santa’s enthusiasm for coffee began in 1942. In order to keep improving, he keeps innovating processing methods and planting methods, and even takes his coffee to participate in competitions all over the world and wins various championships successively. 


    Flavor description: strong jasmine scent, sweet scent of carambola and orange, strong sweetness and richness and delicate faint citrus acid with red honey treatment, The smooth taste does not lose the multiple layers of the original geisha. Charming muscat sparkling wine aroma, orange peel, floral, peach, longan and red dates, grapefruit. The sweetness is excellent, the sweetness of toffee and honey, the end rhyme of bergamot, under the delicate adjustment and baking, the flavor changes are changeable, it is lingering, and the CP value is excellent.


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Peru Geisha
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